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With our iPads, smartphones and other portable tech devices, we have the ability to continuously send and receive information at the touch of a button or swipe of a finger.  There’s a never ending stream of news bombarding us and sometimes this ‘always connected’ existence becomes overwhelming, making it tough to ever find a moment to switch off and relax.

A break from digital communications (even just for a few hours) can refresh and calm us, enabling us to become more productive in human relations and work. This revitalising break clears our life from ‘noise’ and allows us the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, relax and return to the digital world recharged.

So, how about trying a digital detox?  If you can’t bring yourself to hide your device(s) in a cupboard, then you might be pleased to learn that solutions are at hand from technology itself.  Digital Detox is a free app for Android smartphones that irrevocably disables a user’s phone for a user-specified period of time or there’s an app called Freedom that you can set it to block internet access on your Mac or PC for up to 8 hours. Alternatively, try Anti-Social, another productivity app for Macs that turns off the social media parts of the world wide web.

If you think that one of these apps won’t do the trick for you, then you might like to buy a book called The Digital Diet: The 4-step Plan to Break Your Tech Addiction and Regain Balance in Your Life.  It isn’t about cutting out technology all together – that would be somewhat impractical in this day and age – but about taking a step back and reincorporating it in a healthier way.  The Digital Diet will help you to take control back of our life, find time for real friends and most importantly, make technology work for you… not the other way around.

This trend towards digital detoxing is now even manifesting itself in the holiday market.  The Healthy Holiday Company recommends that all its clients who are seeking somewhere special to escape to and unwind, try to do so without being constantly ‘connected’.  It understands that this isn’t always possible, but still thinks it’s a good idea to help guests get the most out of their endeavours to return home feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The Company, for example, owns the specialist tour operator in:spa retreats – who host luxurious 7 night health, fitness and detox retreats in Marrakech, the South of France and Andalucia.  These are group holidays (up to 20 guests) and, on arrival, the in:spa host gently suggests that guests try and abandon their digital devices at the start of the week and discover the joys of being digitally disconnected.  Afterall, if guests have elected to experience the benefits of a physical detox by cutting out salt, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, red meat and dairy – it’s not much more of a leap of faith to try a digital detox at the same time.

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